Florida’s Shrinking Workforce

Free Market Highway System

State Fingerprint System Flawed

 Florida’s Failing Nursing Programs

Medical Complaints Gather Dust

Weatherford’s Secret Citizens Connection

Tampa’s Cuba Plan

Incentivize This

Dangerous Waters?

Boston Marathon Bombings

More Guns, More Gun Murders

The Terror Factory

Yoani Sanchez Waits for ‘The Day After’

Trayvon Martin, One Year Later

13th Grade

The Spy Who Got Away

K12: Education, Profits and Controversy

Big Sugar’s Sweet Deal

Money in Politics: Constitutional Amendments

Rick Scott vs. the Constitution

A Deadly Package?

Trayvon Martin

Student Poverty

Gov. Rick Scott’s Jobs Promise

Poisoned Ground

Deportations to Haiti

Air Pollution

Education Funding


Workplace Safety

Extraditions Under Review

Total Recall

Mental Health Funding At Risk

Security Breach

Online Education

Congressional Lettermarking

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