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In Court Filing, Alan Dershowitz Calls Sex Ring Allegations ‘Outrageously False’

The well-known lawyer says the allegations “created a media firestorm.”

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Trevor Aaronson Interviewed on CNN International About Jeffrey Epstein

FCIR’s executive director discussed the recent allegations against the South Florida billionaire financier.

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Salacious New Chapter in Florida Billionaire’s Sex Scandal

In a court filing, a woman identified as Jane Doe #3 alleges that well-known criminal defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, were involved in Jeffrey Epstein’s international sex ring.

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FBI Informant Faces Criminal Trial in Key West

After being convicted of child molestation and rape, Robert Childs became an FBI informant. His trail ended in America’s southernmost city.

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FCIR Executive Director Named 2015 TED Fellow

Trevor Aaronson will have an opportunity to give a talk related to his reporting at the TED Conference in Vancouver in March.

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Disney Uses Complex Tax-Avoidance Scheme, ‘Lux Leaks’ Files Show

The Walt Disney Co. uses a complex network of companies and subsidiaries to move profits out of high-tax countries to the tiny nation of Luxembourg, where the multinational giant only pays an effective tax rate of 0.3 percent.

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Columbia Journalism Review Praises FCIR’s Reporting

Columbia Journalism Review discusses in-depth FCIR’s recent story on Citizens Awareness Foundation and its abuse of Florida’s Sunshine law.

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Support FCIR on Give Miami Day

We need your support on Nov. 20, when all contributions of $25 to $10,000 will receive a partial match.

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In Lawsuits Statewide, Questions of Profits and Public Records

Court records and emails reviewed by FCIR show how a foundation and a law firm make money off the Sunshine law.

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Trevor Aaronson Returns to FCIR as Executive Director

Aaronson will be responsible for FCIR’s day-to-day operations, especially for growing the nonprofit organization’s journalism and revenue. This newly created position gives Aaronson an ex-officio seat on the board of directors.

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