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‘Climate Change’ Ban? Then Why Are There References in State Documents? We’ll Explain

Your questions answered.

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FCIR Executive Director on HuffPost Live Panel

Trevor Aaronson joined former FBI Special Agent Peter Ahearn and law professor Wadie Said in a discussion about the FBI’s use of informants in counterterrorism operations.

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Federal Judge Dismisses Injured Postal Worker’s Claim

A federal judge in New York threw out a lawsuit on Feb. 26 filed by an injured U.S. Postal Service worker from Orlando who became seriously ill after handling a package that was leaking a noxious chemical.

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ACLU Releases Florida StingRay Documents

The document reveals the scope of secret surveillance in Florida using secret StingRay technology.

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FBI Informant Cops to Sex, Fraud Charges

Robert Childs said he moved to the Florida Keys for fresh start.

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Palm Beach County Town Files Class-Action Lawsuit Against Martin O’Boyle, Citizens Awareness Foundation

The Town of Gulf Stream filed a class-action lawsuit in U.S. District Court on behalf of state municipalities, municipal agencies and their contractors.

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In Court Filing, Alan Dershowitz Calls Sex Ring Allegations ‘Outrageously False’

The well-known lawyer says the allegations “created a media firestorm.”

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Trevor Aaronson Interviewed on CNN International About Jeffrey Epstein

FCIR’s executive director discussed the recent allegations against the South Florida billionaire financier.

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Salacious New Chapter in Florida Billionaire’s Sex Scandal

In a court filing, a woman identified as Jane Doe #3 alleges that well-known criminal defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, were involved in Jeffrey Epstein’s international sex ring.

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FBI Informant Faces Criminal Trial in Key West

After being convicted of child molestation and rape, Robert Childs became an FBI informant. His trail ended in America’s southernmost city.

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