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FCIR Executive Director on HuffPost Live Panel

Trevor Aaronson joined former FBI Special Agent Peter Ahearn and law professor Wadie Said in a discussion about the FBI’s use of informants in counterterrorism operations.

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Federal Judge Dismisses Injured Postal Worker’s Claim

A federal judge in New York threw out a lawsuit on Feb. 26 filed by an injured U.S. Postal Service worker from Orlando who became seriously ill after handling a package that was leaking a noxious chemical.

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FBI Informant Cops to Sex, Fraud Charges

Robert Childs said he moved to the Florida Keys for fresh start.

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Palm Beach County Town Files Class-Action Lawsuit Against Martin O’Boyle, Citizens Awareness Foundation

The Town of Gulf Stream filed a class-action lawsuit in U.S. District Court on behalf of state municipalities, municipal agencies and their contractors.

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Rick Scott Balances New Budget With Money That Might Not Exist

Gov. Rick Scott’s proposed budget for the new fiscal year includes $1.3 billion for Florida hospitals providing care to uninsured people. However, that pool of money might stop existing this summer.

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Highway Agency Takes a Hit Over Safety Report on Electronic Billboards

Billboards that seem magically to have moved from one side of the highway to the other are part of a detailed critique by a former FHWA researcher, who says the federal report is so badly flawed that no one should rely on its conclusions.

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Whistleblowers Pushback Against New DOC Gag Order

The new leadership at the troubled Florida Department of Corrections (DOC) is working to ensure no one speaks out about problems at the state agency. However, whistleblowers in the state are looking to block this new policy.

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DCF Defends Child Death Reporting

State lawmakers grilled child welfare officials about troubles with child death reports coming out of their agency.

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AP, Florida Newspapers, Lawyers File Sunshine Lawsuit Against Gov. Rick Scott And Cabinet

News organizations have teamed up with lawyers and open records advocates to file a lawsuit against Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Cabinet over the firing of the former chief of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

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Gov. Rick Scott Wants To Cut More State Jobs

The state’s ever-shrinking workforce will get even smaller if Gov. Rick Scott has his way.

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