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Orange County Lawmakers Thwart Sick Pay Ballot Measure

Ashley Lopez: Using a stall tactic, the Orange County Commission killed a ballot measure aimed at providing earned paid sick days to workers in the area.

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Orange County Mayor Looks to Undermine Sick Pay Ballot Measure

Ashley Lopez: Progressives in Orlando were able to win a tough battle and place a mandated earned sick pay measure on the November ballot there, but the county’s mayor is considering a competing resolution that would undermine it.

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Poverty, Homelessness Rising Sharply Among Florida Students

Mc Nelly Torres: An FCIR analysis of data on child poverty, homelessness and subsidized lunches shows how much poorer Florida has become since the Great Recession.

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In Lake County, Whizzing Bullets From New State Law

Ralph De La Cruz: A new state law has local governments reversing gun ordinances and cops afraid to confront one trigger-happy resident.

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Report: Secure Communities Encourages Racial Profiling, Lack of Due Process

Ralph De La Cruz: Mirroring an FCIR analysis from January, a report released Wednesday found that Secure Communities often deports non-criminals and disproportionately detains Latinos. Even U.S. citizens have been arrested.

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Foreclosure Risk: Orange County

Examine foreclosures in Orange County.

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