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Justice Department to Florida: Stop Voter Purge

Howard Goodman: The U.S. Department of Justice has ordered Florida to halt its effort to purge noncitizens from the voter rolls.

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Judge Halts Key Voter Registration Restrictions

Howard Goodman: A federal judge has issued a temporary halt to key provisions of new Florida laws meant to limit the activities of voter registration groups.

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Palm Beach, Hillsborough Counties Say No To Rick Scott’s Voter-Scrubbing Drive

Howard Goodman: Palm Beach and Hillsborough counties refuse to participate in Gov. Rick Scott’s scrubbing of the voter rolls because of inaccuracies in the list of suspected “noncitizens.”

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FCIR Announces Staff Changes

The Florida Center for Investigative Reporting’s masthead will undergo some alterations.

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In Florida’s Voter Roll Scrub, Charges of Suppression

Howard Goodman: Are Florida Republicans trying to blunt the Democrats’ numerical advantage at the polls?

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Analysis: Of All Congressional Members, Florida’s Connie Mack Speaks at Lowest Grade Level

Howard Goodman: The Sunlight Foundation analyzed the Congressional Record and found that the average member of Congress speaks at a 10.6-grade reading level. Connie Mack of Fort Myers? He’s at a 6.7-grade level.

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Despite Stand Your Ground Law, Woman’s ‘Warning Shot’ Brings 20-Year Sentence

Howard Goodman: Just weeks after the Trayvon Martin shooting touched off a nationwide outrage, Florida is again the subject of a controversy involving a heated confrontation, a fired gun and an outcome for the shooter that seems beyond all common sense.

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State Will Double-Check ‘Noncitizens’ on Voter Rolls

Howard Goodman: County election supervisors were asked to send letters to voters suspected of being noncitizens, requiring them to provide proof of citizenship within 30 days or see their names dropped from the voter rolls.

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FCAT Fracas Revives Old Question: Are Florida Students Learning?

Howard Goodman: Only 27 percent of fourth-graders passed this year’s writing test, representing a plunge of deep-sea proportions.

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Crisis Deepens for FAMU’s Famed Marching Band

Howard Goodman: Florida A&M University’s Marching 100 has long been a joyous model of high-stepping, boisterous precision. But since the hazing death of a drum major, it has been an organization in crisis, its reputation in tatters.

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