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Powerful Coalition Gains Exemption for Small Farmers

Maggie Clark, Andy Marso, Madhu Rajaraman: The lack of food safety plans for small farms leaves the country open to multistate outbreaks of disease, critics say.

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Laws Haven’t Kept Deadly Pathogens Out of Meat, Poultry

Teresa Lostroh and Rachel Albin: A complex system of self-regulation leaves the safety of meat and poultry largely in the hands of private companies.

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Salmonella Lurks From Farm to Fork

Jeffrey Benzing, Esther French and Judah Ari Gross: The rate of salmonella infections is rising, despite efforts to combat this leading cause of food illness.

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Inspectors Struggle to Keep Up With Imports

Brad Racino: The FDA physically inspects only about 2 percent of food imports.

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Tainted Seafood Reaching U.S., Food Safety Experts Say

Nicole Gilbert: While most U.S. seafood is imported, no more than 2 percent is inspected.

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In Florida, Flawed State Reporting Raises Risks for Foodborne Illness

Max Levy, Joe Yerardi and Dustin Volz: Florida among four states that make up more than 30 percent of the U.S. population but contribute 15 percent to national salmonella outbreak surveillance.

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Florida’s Del Monte Fresh Produce Fights Salmonella Claims With Unusual Litigation

Brandon Quester and Tarryn Mento: Florida-based Del Monte Fresh Produce challenged an FDA conclusion that the company’s cantaloupes from Guatemala carried a rare strain of salmonella.

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