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Florida Counties Defy Rick Scott’s Obamacare Navigator Ban

Individual counties in Florida have decided not to follow state officials in their call to block federal employees tasked with enrolling Floridians for health insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.

Published in Blog, Government, Health, Insurance, Politics

Florida to Close Controversial Juvenile Detention Center

Susan Ferriss: The state plans to close a large privately-run juvenile offender home that a group of public defenders alleged was rife with problems.

Published in Government, Justice

Poverty, Homelessness Rising Sharply Among Florida Students

Mc Nelly Torres: An FCIR analysis of data on child poverty, homelessness and subsidized lunches shows how much poorer Florida has become since the Great Recession.

Published in Economy, Education, Government

Florida Home to Seven Air Polluters on EPA Watch List

Trevor Aaronson and Mc Nelly Torres: The EPA’s Facility Watch List names the sites in Florida that federal environmental regulators have classified as “high-priority violators” of the Clean Air Act.

Published in Environment, Health

Foreclosure Risk: Broward County

Examine foreclosures in Broward County.

Published in Housing

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