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GOP Tries to Recover Lost Ground With Latinos

Howard Goodman: Republicans have noticed that they aren’t scoring all that well with Latinos — and before the fastest-growing segment of the electorate slips away from them altogether, they’re trying to recover lost ground.

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Obama Housing Plans vs. Reality

ProPublica: Here are Obama’s housing latest proposals, whether they are anything new, and whether they stand a chance of going anywhere.

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For Allen West, Goebbels Reference Typical Rhetoric

Ralph De La Cruz: U.S. Rep. Allen West continued his habit of making inflammatory remarks by describing the Democratic Party’s “propaganda” efforts as similar to those of Nazi Joseph Goebbels.

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Medical Marijuana In Florida: Legitimate Legislative Efforts or Just Pipe Dreams?

Ralph De La Cruz: For the first time, medical marijuana bills have been filed in both chambers of the Florida legislature.

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U.S. Government Will Review 300,000 Deportation Cases

Jacob Kushner: Following FCIR’s investigation of deportations to Haiti, the Obama administration announced plans to review pending deportation cases of low-level criminal offenders.

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Report: Secure Communities Encourages Racial Profiling, Lack of Due Process

Ralph De La Cruz: Mirroring an FCIR analysis from January, a report released Wednesday found that Secure Communities often deports non-criminals and disproportionately detains Latinos. Even U.S. citizens have been arrested.

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The Cost of Political ‘Consistency’

Ralph De La Cruz: Florida lawmakers continue to turn away tens of millions from the federal government. And this time no one’s even quite sure why, or who, is responsible.

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‘Vile, Unprofessional and Despicable’ — Florida Politics Back in Spotlight

Ralph De La Cruz: The clash between Rep. Allen West and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz may have been predictable. But the intensity makes it a prototypical Florida political story.

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New Lesson for Florida School Districts: Cut, Cut, Cut

Ralph De La Cruz: The impacts of an eight percent decrease in public school funding are felt at districts statewide.

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Allen West Plays With Fire

Ralph De La Cruz: Allen West has made a political career of using incediary comments. And it’s working for him.

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