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Judge Approves Florida’s New Congressional Map For 2016

A circuit court judge in Tallahassee ruled Friday the state’s troubled congressional map will be in place for the upcoming election. Judge Terry Lewis also approved a new map the state legislature drew earlier this month during a special session.

State Lawmakers To Begin Redrawing Unconstitutional Congressional Maps This Week

Last Friday, Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis ruled that members of the Florida Legislature need to immediately redraw two congressional districts he deemed unconstitutional. Lewis ordered state lawmakers to submit a revised map by Aug. 15. He also ruled the secretary of state propose a special election plan for the affected congressional districts.
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Voting Groups Want New Election Schedule, Judge Is ‘Skeptical’

The Florida League of Women Voters and others asked Leon County Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis to push back August primaries in Florida, so the state’s congressional map can be redrawn. However, this week, Lewis informed the plaintiffs that he was “extremely skeptical” of that plan.