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Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Gerald Bailey responded to FCIR’s story about the department’s automatic fingerprint identification system. Bailey called the article “misldeading,” and said the system is accurate and performing better than anticipated. He said that a lawsuit alleging otherwise is “unfounded.”

The article, published March 9 in The Ledger of Lakeland and Florida Times Union in Jacksonville, and March 10 in the Miami Herald, is based on interviews with a former Motorola engineer who helped design the system, internal Motorola reports the engineer provided, documents in a civil whistleblower lawsuit the engineer has filed against Motorola, an FDLE Inspector General report on the system, as well as funding requests the FDLE submitted to the Florida Cabinet, and the original contract. FCIR has reviewed Commissioner Bailey’s letter and stands by the article.

Bailey’s letter and FCIR’s response are below.

FDLE’s Letter

FCIR’s Response