The Town of Davie had something very different in mind. (Photo: NBC6.)

By Steve Miller
Florida Center for Investigative Reporting

We like the witty Miami Herald piece on the foot and horse bridge for sale in Davie, a span that was contracted and constructed before the builder, Shoreline Foundation, realized that it was not to be built for autos.

Further still, it’s a jaw-dropping piece of miscommunication when considering that the Davie Town Council in April approved an additional $8,400 for Shoreline to cover the costs of “permit fees” for the bridge.

The Herald story says the bridge was built for $111,250, although the town council agreed to sign the contract at its Aug. 1, 2012 meeting after accepting Shoreline’s bid of $237,953. In meeting minutes, it is referred to as the “pedestrian bridge over the N-23 canal.”

Shoreline is not listed as a vendor for Davie. But it is for the state of Florida.

Shoreline is currently under a $234,000 contract signed in 2011 to construct a replacement bridge on James Van Fleet State Trail in Central Florida. So far, it has received $11,000 of that contract.

Deering Bay Marina in Coral Gables was a Shoreline-built project. Shoreline also built the yacht marina of Atlantis in Nassau and a number of high-end marinas in south Florida.

On horse bridges, we’re not so sure.

Now about that bridge for sale …