Tracey Eaton interviewed Juan Pablo Roque at his home in Cuba. (Photo by Tracey Eaton.)

Tracey Eaton’s interview with former Cuban spy Juan Pablo Roque generated strong interest in Miami. Readers left more than 1,300 comments on the Roque interview story published both in the Miami Herald and the Spanish-language El Nuevo Herald. Back in Havana, Roque wrote Eaton an email saying the story was harsh and one-sided. He also said video footage of the interview that has aired on television or been posted online was cut short, edited so that people did not hear all his views.

In the interest of fairness, we are posting audio of the entire interview. We are also posting video of the first part of the same interview. Roque did not want the entire interview to be videotaped. However, the entire interview — audio and video — was on the record.

Audio interview in Spanish


Video interview in Spanish