The Florida Center for Investigative Reporting and StateImpact Florida obtained documents that show for-profit online educator K12’s student-teacher ratio is as high as 275-to-1, nearly twice the maximum ratio used by Florida’s state-run virtual school.

Read the confidential K12 document:



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  1. Not Shocked

    Great article! These ratios are for schools – they are not for what is referenced in the memo as K12 Educator group which are the group of teachers used to fill gaps and were the teachers used in Seminole County. They had much higher ratios because there was no limit. Some went higher than 500 per student. Also because they are teaching students across the US, FL for example may see the teacher with 50 students, PA may only see 100, Hawaii may see 100, Arizona may see 100, so even states that have specific ratios, do not have visibility to see total ratios across all states for any one teacher.


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