New Laws Challenge Constitution and Coffers

Gov. Rick Scott and Florida’s Republican-led legislature have become the national vanguard for testing the boundaries of accepted constitutional protections.

Mental Health Funding at Risk

Sen. Joe Negron, chairman of the Appropriations Committee, has discussed the possibility of cutting health care by as much as $1.5 billion, with $500 million squeezed from mental health. That’s two-thirds of the current mental health budget in Florida.

State Fingerprint System Flawed, More Expensive To Maintain Than To Build

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement's troubled five-year-old automatic fingerprint identification system (AFIS) has cost far more to maintain than it did to design and build because of technical problems. It is now so unstable that it is causing delays during investigations and arrests across the state.

Florida and Foreclosures

The Florida Center for Investigative Reporting identified the state's ZIP codes with the most foreclosures per square mile.

Fiscal Duplicity

Florida's congressional delegation used a behind-the-scenes process known as 'lettermarking' to bring home federal stimulus money.